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Bruce Long - Coaching - Art - Photography A handbag?

A handbag?

Day 4 already, and back to my old tricks of hiding behind graphic distortion! No, my aim is not to stare at my self but to make a series of artworks with a common thread. I really like this prism type filter, its nice to have some colour that is unrealistic but on a scientific level, is probably more realistic than plain old pictures. I saw a very fascinating documentary about perception of colour once, the science of which is sort of understood in the moment but no longer, one example was that at the bottom of the sea, a red tomato appears blue. In fact, it not only appears blue, it is blue in as much as above the water it appears red, and is red, but in both situations its a matter of the available light waves reflecting off it. Probably there is an environment in which my face is indeed green and pink, and certainly blurry!

I’ve read that photography is above all, the study of light. One definition of a prism, is a filter that either clarifies or distorts images and information. All of art, all of life I suppose, is about information coming in and clarifications and distortions of one reality into a very different one, different but no less true. So, my question today is to what extent to use your art or creative activities to either clarify your world and world view, or to distort it?

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