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Bruce Long - Coaching - Art - Photography Hashtag SO Brave!

Hashtag SO Brave!

I had thought my “slip, slop, slap”* regime was efficient and disciplines, but I can see now that that is not the case. Yikes. But here I am, bravely without makeups or filters, a nice enough face wearing a lifetime of allergies and insomnia with a certain grace I would have thought lol.

Day 3 and I have to admit I’m already wishing I had a different face to work with, not that my face was different but that I was working with other different faces! However, trying to focus on my broader intentions and allowing myself to slide into the process of making this project just part of the daily routine and learning to use it to experiment and learn. It would be a shame to abandon it at this early stage, and would require quite a lot of hasty deleting of words and imagines to save face (first pun of the 56th year if I’m not mistaken!)

Unrelatedly, have been thinking about the meanings of success and failure. It seems much to easy to be a polar decision between achieving or not achieving a goal. And hopefully, its all relevant and personal, and I do believe (my new family motto) FLEXIBLE. There are many of these mini-articles to be written about success and failure, as many as there are about goals and strategies. I’m finding that the magic fairy dust that can be a little elusive is the oft-taken-for-granted factor of ‘reality’.

We are all living in a certain reality of stressors, obligations, joys and excitements. Some of these are within our control, many are not. I think then that with the kindness of flexibility, the most important determiner of success or failure may well be the opportunity to learn something from the experience, and the decision to identify and apply that lesson. This would apply to planning your eventual domination of the world (couldn’t be worse than what we’ve got, go for it) or glazing a ceramic piece.

Have you had any good failures? Unexpected learning experience from things going wrong or unexpectedly?

*Slip, Slop, Slap - Don’t be alarmed or block my accouont to colleagues and children. This was a very effective advertising campaign by the Cancer Council in Australia, during the 1980s: Slip on a shirt, slop on sunscreen and slap on a hat. Catchy song, I’ll sing it for you one day.

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