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Bruce Long - Coaching - Art - Photography Spot the difference. Change Spot, change.

Spot the difference. Change Spot, change.

As we’ve touched on before in these questions, there are lots of ways to generate new ideas and fill out plans and dreams with detail. Often people start off with a desire for change and improvement, but knowing exactly what to change and where the improvement might lead (short of pure, satisfying, perfect happiness) is a bit hazy and poorly defined. Sounds sarcastic, but having a perfect vision of an

outcome is not as silly as it may sound when we use that as comparator with what we presently have.

Obviously this is a long and fascinating discussion, not something for a few words. But as a general exercise, try to depict your current life, creatively or as a whole, as and artwork that you use most often. A poem, a photograph, a painting, a song, a book, a sculpture, a cake? Be as honest and accurate as you dare, no-one else will have access to this extraordinary artwork that is your life.

As a second step, imagine the same art work, but in a perfect state. Every irritating aspect has been refined, all the elements are working perfectly, it is, simply, perfect.

By noting the points of variation between now and then, real and ideal, we can develop a bit of a map as to what to change first - what small, immediate action could you achieve this very day, to move one step closer? With deeper thought, these points of conflict between now and then can be very informative about your broader aspirations and values. There is a lot to listen to inside your own creative mind!

Is there one small change you could actually achieve today?

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