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Bruce Long - Coaching - Art - Photography Let me eat cake!

Let me eat cake!

So, a final fling at Friday Funday! Let's make it a special occasion. What makes something a special occasion for you? Is it the place, the purpose, the clothes, the people, the food? It no doubt varies for everyone and changes throughout our lives.

For me, the constant feature of special occasions (and weekly occasions, tragic occasions, cups of tea occasions….) is cake. However, the more special the occasion, the more important that it be homemade. Sort of ironic for many people, but that’s my belief. Birthday cakes are chocolate, Christmas cakes are fruit, all other occasions are up for grabs.

Am I hungry? No, but now and then it's useful to make an ordinary day into a special occasion for its own sake, to take on the energy of some simple, pleasant, but meaningful activity. What can you add to your day today, that would label it as special for you? The more serious side of this question, is that it's a chance to build up a list of possible rewards, acknowledgements and celebrations to use to really make sure we notice when we have finished a project or achieved something we set out to do.

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