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Bruce Long - Coaching - Art - Photography I am the king of the divan! (Qu'elle me dit en passant)

I am the king of the divan! (Qu'elle me dit en passant)

Lets negotiate a slight (and slow) backwards zigzag, and reconsider International Tortoise Day. We looked at what your powers might be and what of them would be celebrated with its own International day. If we look under the shell of my Tortoise day, I am interested now in what your hidden strengths are. Are you aware of them, or do you discover them unexpectedly in response to difficulties? What of these would you wish other people would notice more readily, those lights under bushels (I believe its a bucket of a standard volume, used for measuring things in days of yore).

Where my art is concerned, I would be happy if people would notice that what may seem unfinished or uncommercial, or irregular or ugly, is generally my intention at the time of making. I don’t need to aim for an external standard of perfection, or factory made ideals. I do what I do on purpose! I am the king of my creativity, if even only a legend in my own lunch hour. 

So, how about for you? What do you wish people would notice about you? Might be judgements or assumptions, might be recognising that life can be a frustrating struggle but here you still are, plugging ever onwards. Might be that you are a creative genius who does not need to be validated by the opinions of others? Let me know!

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