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Bruce Long - Coaching - Art - Photography Sing a happy tune...

Sing a happy tune...

Today I’ve got my pointy Mr Squiggle hat on, I’ve climbed out of Rocket and sharpened my nose! Clearly I am referring to something so specific to a time and place, that almost certainly no-one reading this will have any clue whatsoever what I’m on about. All I will say is that I’m not on drugs, and Mr Squiggle is well worth making your acquaintance with.

Mr Squiggle did all the above things, taking squiggles of a few random lines and shapes and turned them into a drawing of something quite complicated and unexpected, often which needed to be turned upside down to be recognised.

The initial squiggles for my question today were about influential teachers you have had, in any context, and applying the lessons you learned from them to your creativity. My teacher taught me Ancient History, she was called Dr Callender, and was in fact, a fully fledged egyptologist, spending large periods of time on archaeological sites and doing university level research on the international stage. She did make this fascinating subject even more fascinating, but what inspired me more, was her total passion for a subject and how she was able to share that.

So, my question today is: who is someone you could share your creative passion with? It is so energising and beneficial to be able to talk about the things you love with someone else who may love the same thing, and also to be open to the assistance or advice from others. A classic coaching question is indeed, ‘who else could help you?’ Discovering those resources can often come just be interacting with others interested in the same things that you are passionate about.

Would love to hear about the people who you share your creative passion with, or those who have inspired you along the way.

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